Complete technological lines made by SAIP


Complete process lines from SAIP for the production of: polyurethane core panels, walls and roofs of cold stores and freezer facilities, thermal insulation materials, pre-insulated pipes, gaskets and filters:


A complete process line for the continuous production of panels, comprising: a storage container farm, a metal sheet roll forming section, a high pressure dispensing machine for 2 - 8 components, a moving press conveyor of 12 - 42 metres in length, a cutting, curing and packing section, and a mineral wool board processing section.


A complete solution for producing panels using the discontinuous method, comprising a press with moving plates operating in the 1 + 1 or 2 + 2 mode and a low and high pressure dispensing machine with an output of up to 300 kg/minute. Features also include a multipoint injection system into the closed press and the capability to use other injection and pouring methods.

A complete unit for the production of cabinets and doors of industrial and domestic refrigeration equipment, designed to meet individual customer requirements.

A machine for producing gaskets from polyurethane foam. Main components of the machine include a small low pressure unit and a precision robot or a manipulator that moves the mixing head. The systems offered are automatic or semi-automatic.